Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Secret Room 2

YAY!  I finished the secret room yesterday--more or less.  Sunday was a gorgeous day, so I scraped paint off the porch windows while the kiddos played outside.  Monday was a bit dreary--good weather for working inside.

 Look!  There's a floor!
 A step inside the door
 I'm still going through books and pictures, so these shelves will be completely full by the end of the day (see the last picture below).  I think more shelving may be in my near future.  On the floor I have the dehumidifier and extra comforters.
Going clockwise around the room: a few baby things, cat carrier, luggage, telescope, school stuff.  (It'd be nice to sheetrock this room someday.)
 Shoes-in-waiting, clothing (organized by boy/girl and size), sleeping bags.
 Extra mattresses, Christmas decor (way back there), fans.
The Sorting Room (a.k.a. my bedroom) where I'm still working on photos & memorabilia, picture frames (I don't know how we got so many), and books (I do know how we got so many).  The plan is to finish this today, but the weather is perfect so the kiddos are outside.  Sam's a bit too young to play outdoors without me nearby.  I s'pose I'll get out the razor blade and scrape some more paint off the porch windows for now.


  1. Great organizing, Jenny! I love organizing (well, the finished result at least!)Very cool "secret room".

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I love organizing too, but I don't often get to it during the school year.

    The secret room came in handy when we were learning about the Underground Railroad this year. And I'm sure we'll use it again when we talk about Anne Frank.

  3. I like the paint in your bedroom. I really need to paint ours, but...ugh...it's such a huge job. Our bedroom has a cathedral ceiling, too. I think painting it might be one of those things at which Mike and I don't work well together. (The other is paddling a canoe.)

  4. Hahahahahahaha! That makes me think of Mike's old sweatshirt getting "lost". = )

    Thanks, Girl. That's my favorite color, in our room. And it's looking less cluttered now too! All I've got left to go through are picture frames. I might wait on that though. Right now, my stairway walls are blank. I'd like to put up a little photo gallery there, but it's going to take some time to choose pic's, frame them, and get them up. The projects never end....

    It's nice to have the books done though! Now I have room for the rest of the new stuff I'll be ordering from Rainbow Resource.