Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let the Not-So-Wild Rumpus Start!

So, today was our first official day of summer vacation.  I know yesterday was Memorial Day, but we would've taken that off regardless.  I'm not sure what I expected, but it seemed like rather a dull day.  The weather was gorgeous, however.  Warm and windy.  I opened all of the windows in the house and watched the curtains flit about.  A couple of door slams (!) caught me off guard.  *puts door stops on the shopping list*

The best part of the day was seeing my friend's brand new baby girl.  This is her second daughter out of six children, so I think she's loving being in the pink again (the other daughter is her oldest).  Lydia and I brought a meal over.  You might be thinking, "Oh, how sweet of you to make them dinner...."  I have an ulterior motive though--I want to see the baby.  = )  What a peanut!  (We're bringing another meal to a different family tomorrow.  This little girl is the second daughter of five kiddos.  Can't wait!)

I also ordered some more of our homeschool stuff for the fall. is so gracious.  I had a free shipping code which expired in mid-May before I'd made up my mind about a few things in my cart.  Well, I called customer service, and they cheerfully gave me a new code to use today.  (It never hurts to ask.)  I still have several things to order from Rainbow Resource, but that will have to wait.  $$$

I did order a couple of fun things for me today.  The Duggars DVD (1st season) was only $5, and I also bought a Downhere CD.  ( birthday's comin' up.)  I'll have Dave help the kids wrap them, and then I'll act all surprised for the unwrapping. 

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