Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Camper

We just got home from dropping Emma off at MDA camp.  The shoe is on the other foot this week for me--entrusting my kid to someone else's care.  Usually, other parents are dropping off their kid(s) at our camp.  It's Emma's fourth year as a camper, so it wasn't as difficult to leave her as the first time, but it's still weird.  And even though she's probably the quietest of my four kiddos, there's still quite a void here at home.  Already.  *sigh*

Each MDA camper gets his/her own counselor for the week.  Some kids get two--depending on how much equipment and special care is needed.  Emma has had the same counselor, Tricia, for the past three years.  This year it's Kate.  Tricia is still there this year, so I'm not sure why there's a switch.  I think it's because Kate is new to MDA camp as a counselor, so they didn't want to put her with a new camper.  Tricia has the new girl.  In any case, Kate seems like a lovely young woman.  She'll be a junior at one of the UW branches, studying elementary and special education. 

This is one of Emma's favorite weeks of the year.  She loves MDA camp because she doesn't feel like anyone is staring at her, and--compared to some of the other campers--she feels more abled than disabled.  They also have a lot of fun things planned (motorcycle rides, pony rides, boating, swimming, crafts, games designed for kids like her) and the local news affiliates get a lot of footage for the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  Emma is usually on TV quite a bit over Labor Day Weekend.  She'll fall asleep one happy camper tonight.  = ) 


  1. That's so great! I hope she has a wonderful week!

  2. Aww. Hope she has fun at camp.