Wednesday, June 1, 2011

King of the Grill

Dave has really gotten into grilling lately.  The kids and I are the grateful beneficiaries.  We had pork loin roast tonight, but I think the chicken tenderloins he makes are the best.  I often do a marinade, but Dave soaks some kind of *magic* wood chips which smoke the meat on the grill.  Mmmmm...MMMM!  It's a double-bonus for me: I get a tasty main course, plus help in the kitchen!

I got to hold a one-week-old baby girl this afternoon.  Oh, man.  I feel so far removed from that now.  I forgot all of the sweet, funny little faces newborns make--all of the squeaks and squirms.  Love that.

Lydia (6) is in a total mommy phase; she's so cute.  She's got two dolls she's been strolling around the house.  Dave took Emma (13) and Lydia to a movie tonight, so Lydia had me fashion a receiving blanket into a sling so she could "wear" one of the babies to the movie.  Dave joked with her that movie theaters don't often allow babes in arms.  "She'll nap the whole time," said Lydia.  Of course, it's just a doll, so she was able to bring it in.  Little did they know that the doll really *can* cry. 

Samuel (3) stayed home with me to babysit the other doll.  It's a good thing I was home, because Samuel fell asleep sitting up on the couch with the Wii-mote still on his wrist.  (He's not ready to babysit past 8PM yet.) He was all Wii'd out--in more ways than one.  I scrubbed the cushions and they're drying by open windows.  *sigh*

Tomorrow I've got worship team practice.  Kids play all of the time.  Grown-ups?  Not-so-much.  Some time ago, a friend asked how we, as grown-ups, play.  I had to think about that at first.  But I know.  I sing.


  1. "He was all Wii'd out--in more ways than one. I scrubbed the cushions and they're drying by open windows. *sigh*"

    LOL Love that. (Note to self: Don't sleep on the couch when I spend the night.)

    I play by doing outdoorsy stuff, like biking or hiking. I haven't played enough lately.

  2. Hopefully, we'll have a new couch by the time you guys visit. Can we set a date? ; )