Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kid Stuff ~ The Cute & the Messy

The Cute
My sisters have been posting some old pictures on FB recently.  (I'm still not on FB, but Dave is.  He told me about it, and I promptly hijacked his account to see the pic's.)  I love this one.  I think I'm about 8 or 9 here, wearing my favorite lavender dress.  We were in Anaheim, CA visiting my Dad's sister and family.  We did Disneyland and visited my grandparents--both close by.  I have two boy cousins about my age, so it was fun playing with them, too.

I love Matt's little suit and Melody's self-cut bangs.
She cuts hair for a living now. (She's gotten way better.)

The Messy
This is what happened one evening while I was making dinner.


I didn't get one of Sam's comments on video, but I'll tell you it here.  First let me say, he and Lydia have been asking for ways that they can earn extra money.  (They get a paltry allowance.)  I've told them that when they do a job they don't normally do--i.e. it's Mom's or Dad's usual chore--then they can earn some extra cash.  So, as we were finishing up:

Samuel (excited):  So Mom, can we get some extra money for...wait...nevermind.  (Not-so-excited) It doesn't count if we make the mess ourselves, does it?

He's quick!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back to the Blog

January 22nd?  Really?!  That's the last time I've blogged? anyway.  I've been blogging every week on our homeschool performing arts page.

So much has happened, but I'll catch you up on only a few things today.

Here are those ice skating pictures I promised a while back.
Lydia has come a long way!  She used to have to push a skating walker
around the rink.  Then she graduated to the wall.  Now she's independent!
(Too bad this building is getting ready for 4H horse stuff now.  The ice is gone.)

Jeffrey turned 14 years old a few weeks ago!

He likes Tic-Tacs, so I bought him a couple of 12-packs online.

We had our Awana Grand Prix last month, too.
 Samuel sanding his car.  He was really getting into it.
His whole body was twisting side-to-side.  = )

 Samuel & Lydia painting their cars
 Lydia's advice: "Samuel, don't guide the paintbrush. 
Let the paintbrush guide you."  The nut.

 The fam, minus myself (taking the picture) and Lydia, who was over... with her good friends.

 Samuel won 2nd place for speed!  He missed first place by 0.04 seconds.

 Lydia won first place for speed in the older kids' group!

And here are all of Dave's the kids' trophies from Awana Grand Prix past.