Saturday, June 4, 2011

Park Day!

Throughout the summer, our homeschool group meets at a park every other Friday.  Today was our first park day (and I forgot the camera).  What a great turn-out!  The weather was a little humid, but I'm not complaining.  I'd rather have a little stickyness than that eternal snow.  Jeffrey (11) found a great climbing tree.  Lydia flitted about from one piece of equipment to another.  Samuel favored the slides.  All three ditched their shoes from the get-go, and the kids were *filthy* by the time we left.  Sam was the worst, but that makes sense since he's closest to the ground.  (Emma stayed home.  Going to a park reminds her of all she *can't* do, so she had a lovely, quiet morning at home with Dave.  She goes to MDA camp soon, so she'll get lots of outdoors/friend time then.)

After lunch at home, Samuel took a two hour bath--not because he was *that* dirty (though he probably was), but because he was having a great time in there.  I got the bathroom cleaned, caught up on some reading, and checked Facebook and some curriculum websites while he slowly shriveled into a prune. 

I saved us about $30 tonight by cutting Jeffrey's and Lydia's hair myself.  I was all set to take them to a professional, but the place where I usually go closes early on Friday nights.  Grrrr....  In any case, the kids are both happy with their cuts, and Dave's happy I didn't spend the money.  Meanwhile, we watched a Tim Hawkins video I brought home from the library yesterday.  For some bits I was laughing so hard it's amazing J & L don't have bald spots--or lacerations!  (I usually put an old sheet down in the living room and cut hair while the kid watches TV.  I started this when Emma was pretty little to help her sit still, and the M.O. just kind of stuck.)  The part where Tim talks about signing his favorite Bible verse reference during an autograph session had me silent-laughing, and I couldn't catch my breath for a long time.  Thankfully, I was done with the haircuts by then.


  1. I was just telling Mike about the Tim Hawkins bit where he says there should GPS for when a man talks to a woman.

    GPS: "Say something about her hair."
    Man: "What's up with your hair?!"
    GPS: "...Recomputing."

    Mike and I laughed pretty hard at that.

  2. YES! Jeffrey especially likes that one. = )

  3. :) lol Tim Hawkins can be hilarious! Glad Jeffrey and Lydia don't have any lacerations!

  4. They're watching it again right now (it's raining, plus the DVD is due back at the library tomorrow). I love his "A Homeschool Family" song too. What a goof....

  5. "While he slowly shriveled into a prune." lol:) - You're welcome to play "Ninja" with us if you like!

  6. I'd *love* to Anna, but we won't be there tomorrow. I'll be picking up Emma from MDA camp in the morning. (YAY!)

    Next time. Thanks. = )