Friday, May 16, 2014

Sew Busy!

Whew!  Okay...I'm back.

We had our performance weekend for Anne of Green Gables: The Musical a couple of weekends ago, and I'm still sort of catching up on things.  In fact, I should be folding a load of laundry right now.  I'll just make this a quick one.

Helping to direct this year's musical was very...educational.  I learned a lot of things that I didn't really have time for.  = )

One thing I learned is that I still know how to sew!

1. Pick out pattern.
2. Pick out fabrics, thread, & notions.

3. Figure out which pieces you need for your "view" of the dress.
4. Cut out those pieces.
5. *Iron* those pieces. 

6. Pin the pattern pieces to fabric *the correct way*.
7. Look at the directions about 17 times to accomplish step 6.

8. Transfer dart and reinforcement lines from pattern to fabric.
9. Check directions 26 *more* times.

10. Step back and admire the pieces so far.
(yoke, bodice, skirt)

Steps 11 through 87 are not pictured here, but a few of them are, "Call your mom to ask for help."  Each of the even-numbered steps is, "Check directions again."

88. Thank the good Lord that it fits!

Lydia had a line in the musical about having to wear copper-toed boots even though she was a fairy-like "Spirit of Canada" for the Avonlea School's history pageant.  I took Emma's costume boots from last year (which fit Lydia this year even though she's seven years younger) and added our own "copper" to them.

I added two coats of copper paint and topped it off with some clear nail polish.


"Gertie Pye" & "Rupert Blair"

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