Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eighteen Erasers?

Occasionally, I like to write a review for a great product or curriculum we've used.  I went to Rainbow Resource's website a couple of weeks ago to let them know how much we like a particular eraser they carry.

You're thinking, "Eraser?  Really?"
Yeah.  It's that good.

I got an email today that went like this:

Hello Jennifer

Thanks for taking the time to write a review for the Mars Plastic Premium Quality Eraser. We enjoyed the enthusiasm of your review and are naming it a Customer Review of the Week.  We will place a $25  credit on your account which will be available the next time you place an order.  

 Warm Regards,
Janice Price
Consultant, Rainbow Resource Center

Cool, huh?  I didn't even know they were still doing the Customer Review of the Week promotion!  We simply like the eraser!

My review is here, if you'd like to read it.

Think of all the erasers I can buy with $25!!!  ; )


  1. You probably wouldn't have won if you had corrected their use of "in tack." Nice self restraint!

    1. Yeah...that would've been tacky. Tactless, even. ; )

  2. Haha! You reviewed erasers. Weirdo. I know what you mean, though. For some reason good erasers are the only thing my kids fight over (school-wise, that is).

    1. Well, this weirdo gets 25 bucks worth of free curriculum! (I don't *have* to spend it on erasers.) ; )