Thursday, August 29, 2013


"Isn't it weird how grapes get all wrinkly in the sun as they turn into raisins, but our skin gets all wrinkly when it's been in water for a long time?"   The musings of Jeffrey are quite...well...amusing.

I love how Dave plays Jumpstart with Samuel (5yo) online.  He's such a good dad.

Lydia's friend just got back from a week-long vacation.  We were hoping to have her come sleep over once before school starts next week, but Rylie is sick.  So, the girls are doing Google Hangout (it's like Skype) so they can spend the evening together.  Oh, also...Lydia is now a vegetarian--not vegan, though.  "I can't live without my dairy," she says.  "I'm from Wisconsin, you know."  Little Miss Drama.  If I could roll my eyes any harder at that girl, I think they'd fall out of my head.

Back here I mentioned that Emma is weaker than a year ago.  Since that post, though, Emma has had a change of heart towards exercising and physical therapy!  Yay!  We still have a ways to go, but she's definitely forming new habits--and of her own accord.  Turns out, I won't need to be as much of a nag as I'd thought!  I have a feeling that some of you have been praying about this, and for that, I thank you.

Phoebe (our cat) keeps bringing us gifts.  We locked the cat door last night since we were sick of her leaving dead things on the porch (it's enclosed).  So, on the front steps today, there was a dead mouse.  Off to the side...a dead chipmunk.  All over both...some kind of carnivorous bees!  I couldn't even pick up the stiffs for fear of being stung, and the mail carrier was coming!  She was so brave though.  She climbed right up our steps to get the out-going mail.  (I was on the grass, getting ready to spray the carcasses.)  "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor blood-sucking bees stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."  ~ Herodotus, slightly altered

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