Saturday, September 28, 2013

Domino Days

Domino Days ~ When the things on my To Do List are lined up so closely to one another that if one starts to teeter, then they all fall down.  Like this...

...only this turns out WAY prettier than my fall-down days.

We've got four weeks of homeschooling in now (give or take), plus all of the kids' activities are in full swing: swimming, dance, youth group, Awana, music practice, science lab co-op.  Oh, and rehearsals for the musical have yet to start!  I may have signed us up for too many things this fall.  It's a good thing we homeschool, or we'd never be home.

Two of our five fall retreats have come and gone.  I have a little break from cleaning at camp right now, but the last three weekends in October are booked.  The groups aren't very big (fewer buildings to clean), but the tricky thing about back-to-back retreats is that I can't clean on the weekends since camp is in use.  I need to clean during the week.  On a school day.  *Sigh*  It's so easy to fall behind during retreat season.  Well, maybe we could do a little school on Saturdays?  The kids would love that. *wink*

Anyway, my goal for this weekend is to map out our next four weeks of school, plan three birthdays, and switch everyone's clothes over to fall/winter garb.  I'm not getting out the flannel sheets though...yet.    

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