Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Growing Family

I can barely remember life with only two children.

In this picture (above), Jeffrey is about 28 months old, and Emma is double that.  He's almost caught up to her in height.  
Except for the Nuk in his mouth, you might think he and Emma are twins.

I think Dave is taking this picture, which explains why he's not in it.

I'm pregnant with Lydia in this one.

Here's Lydia!  She's about six months old in this shot.  She was so chubby!

Dave officiated our friends' wedding.  We clean up pretty good!

2007 Summer
This was taken about three months before Samuel was born.  
Jeffrey and Lydia could grow Kool-Aid mustaches like rock stars!  
Camp's theme was "Growing in the Son"--a farm theme.  (I love this one.)

2007 Winter
I think Sam is about nine (?) weeks old here.  I lost the pregnancy weight quickly this time because I went lap swimming a few times a week.  Then, stupid Daylight Savings Time switched back and messed up our feeding schedule, so I ended up letting my swim pass expire.  DST is a pet peeve of mine, but that could be an entirely different blog post.  Grrrrrrr....

We had a pirate theme at camp this summer, hence the ship's wheel.  This is the first summer that Emma had her own wheels (motorized scooter).  
It was also her first year of MDA camp.

My Mom has joined us for this picture.  She comes to one of our family camp weeks every summer.  She also volunteers as camp nurse each year for a youth week.  You can count on her yummy camp-made cinnamon rolls while she's here!  I don't know what we'd do without her.  

"Girls on this side, boys on that side."
It's funny how Sam is a little carbon copy of Jeffrey, 
while the girls couldn't be more different--inside and out.

We took 70 shots to get this picture for our prayer card.  *rolls eyes*

It only took about 45 shots this year.

This photo was taken about nine months after the 2012 picture.  
Look how much Jeffrey has grown in such short time!  (Compare his height to mine.)  That explains all of those weeks of sleeping in!

My thoughts as I look through these pictures:
  • Dave really likes the tan polo shirt with the navy camp logo.  He's wearing it in four photos.
  • No make-up with my all of my hair pulled back is not the best look for me--especially when I'm pregnant.
  • I am truly blessed!  What a wonderful family the Lord has given me!
  • Time is fleeting.  I would love to go back and relive some of those days when the kids were little.  So, I resolve to enjoy Today while it's here!  Time marches on, and ten years from now I may do another post like this, wishing I could come back to 2013.


  1. Loved seeing how your beautiful family has grown and changed!

  2. Thanks, Girl! It took forever to find all of these pictures. (I ransacked the camp's Flicker account for several of them.) It was fun to put this together, though.

  3. Aw... those first ones are the way I remember Emma and Jeffrey. His articulation while balancing a Nuk in his mouth was absolutely amazing. And I agree about Sam and Jeffrey. My first thought on the 2009 picture was "He looks like Jeffrey!"