Friday, July 26, 2013

So Long, Facebook

Whew!  It's done.  I've copied and pasted four years' worth of status updates to my computer.  (It's over 35 pages altogether!)  Now, I didn't copy everything from those four years, but based on the number of pages, you might think I did.  That just goes to show how extensively I used Facebook--or rather, how much Facebook had a hold on me.  But I'm grateful, in a way, because I don't think I would have such a great record of the past four years had I not been on Facebook.  That fact tempts me to stay.  However, it won't take any longer to add things to a Word document than it would be to post them on Facebook.  Actually, it'll be faster.  I won't be waiting for acknowledgments from dozens of friends.  Clearly, it won't be as fun, but it'll be better for my family in the long run.  And think how much more you'll all look forward to receiving our family Christmas letter!

Even though it took me forever to go through all of those posts, it was so much fun.  At two o'clock in the morning, I would find myself laughing silently until tears came.  My kids make the funniest connections!  It was a joyful walk down Memory Lane.  I also marveled at how God answered prayers through all of that time, and was reminded to count my blessings more than once. When camp is over, I'll go through those 35 pages and put some of my very favorite things in a post for you.

I still need to go through pictures in which people have tagged me.  I know of some that I'll want to save to my computer.  After that... it's, "Buh-bye."  So, if you're not on our Christmas letter list yet, and would like to be, let me know.  And if you'd like to keep in touch more than that, just check back here once or twice a week...or month.  Whatever you like.  I'll be here.


  1. I will miss you on facebook.....I was hoping as you were going along that you'd change your mind and just stay.....just use it once a week, like pick one day to post your updates like you plan to do here.

    I will miss all the homeschool tips and things you posted and all the curriculum ideas and brands everyone bounced off each other. I learned so much from you and I will dearly miss that.

    I will miss our connection through facebook <3

  2. Thanks, Tina. I'll miss you, too.

    Like I wrote, I am tempted to stay--for so many reasons--but I've *tried* only going on FB on the weekends, and I couldn't do it. I was always drawn back. (Seriously, I've tried so many things! Completely removing myself from FB was the last resort method, and sadly, I've arrived.)

    So, for the sake of my family, and for the sake of using my days more wisely, I need a clean break. Now, this may not be forever. As God molds me more into the likeness of Christ, self-discipline will grow in my life. It's part of the fruit of the Spirit after all. Maybe then I'll come back and join the FB community.

    As far as homeschool encouragement goes, there is a LOT of that on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's FB page. I always got a lot of help there--from "you-can-do-it-Mama" stuff to answers to my numerous curriculum questions. Yeah, I'll miss that page quite a bit!

  3. I love it that you have a blog Jenny! I'll check in with you so we can stay in touch. I am tempted to stop FB too. It sometimes steals my joy because it is so easy to compare myself to other people when I know the things they do or think because they post it on FB! Sometimes I hear the Spirit just telling me to stop reading and walk away from the screen! Anyway....good job you. I pray you will stick with it!

  4. Hi Rebecca! I'm following your blog now, too. You write beautifully. It's poetic, but not too flowery for this Strunk & White (The Elements of Style) girl. ;)

    I know exactly what you mean by the comparison joy-stealer. It breeds in me a feeling of discontent, sometimes.

    Thanks for the prayers! I'll NEED them.

  5. I think I've hid so many people that my feed is SOOO boring. I hardly check it now. Not to say I still don't have my vices (twitter, google+) but they take a lot less time than facebook used to for me. So, good for you!

    1. Plus, I'm not there anymore. ;)

      I do miss you and Alissa quite a bit. Good thing we live in the same town! We've got a play date with your wife & kids tomorrow morning, and then I get to sing with you in the evening. Good times. =)