Monday, July 29, 2013


Samuel (5yo) is sleeping over in the Lodge tonight with Grandma.  My Mom is the nurse this week at camp, and she's staying in Room 2.  Lydia (8yo) slept over there last night.

I got to thinking, and one of my very first camp memories is from Room 2 in the Lodge.  It was July, 1976, and I was a few days shy of five years old.  My Mom was volunteering as the nurse that week, too.  I remember waking up in that room in the middle of the night.  My younger brother and I were sleeping on one double bed, while my Mom slept on the other one.  She was very pregnant with my sister.

"Mom...where are we?"

"We're at camp, honey.  Go back to sleep."


The End.

It's weird the things we remember.  Anyway, Samuel thought it was pretty neat that I had slept in that very same room when I was five years old.

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