Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Swimming Lessons

This is Sam's first year of official Red Cross swimming lessons at our local Rec Center.

Ready to go!

Blowing Bubbles

Talking with Dave, his teacher

These pictures were taken last fall (my camera still isn't here, so that's why the older photos).  Sam's class back then was really small.  His current class has about a dozen young kids in it!  Dave is a great swim teacher and I trust him completely (he's taught all of my kids now), but he still only has one set of eyes.  So...Jeffrey has started helping with Sam's class!  Now, he's not old enough to be a full-fledged lifeguard.  He's only 13.  Our Rec Center offers a "Lifeguard Readiness" class for strong swimmers who aren't old enough to take the actual Lifeguarding Training Course.  He's taken that a few times, so Dave was glad to have him help.  I overheard some of the other parents comment about how they felt so much better having another person in the pool.  I smiled and said, "That's my son."  

I'm a proud mama.  

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