Friday, October 4, 2013

First Day of School

We've just finished Week Five of school, so this post is a bit tardy.  Nevertheless....

This is my first year teaching all four of my kids.  Our house isn't super-huge or anything, so I was trying to figure out where to put everyone so they wouldn't disturb each other too much.  Here's where they all ended up:

Emma (10th grade) studies in her room, which is just off of the dining room.  Except for French, she works independently.  We do a daily discussion time (Bible, history, literature, papers), but I'm not really teaching her as much as we are exploring together.  It's nice.  She'll do a research paper later this year, so I expect I might be guiding her a bit more through that process.
Bible ~ OT Survey (2nd half) by Craig MacDonald
Math ~ MUS Geometry
Science ~ Apologia Biology
History ~ Sonlight 200 (Church History--very interesting!)
English ~ Essentials in Writing (Grade 10); Sonlight 230 (Classic Literature); 
               IEW's Windows to the World; Vocabulary from Classical Roots 
French I ~ BJUP 
Health ~ Total Health

Jeffrey (8th grade--sort of) works at the dining room table.  (That's the door to Emma's room behind him.)  They share many of the same books since Jeffrey caught up to Emma pretty early on, so it makes sense for them to work near each other.  Plus, when I give them their French lesson, it's easy just to duck back in Emma's room--away from the noise and bustle of the younger two who are taking a break at that time.
History ~ My Father's World: Rome to the Reformation
                  (although we're doing a unit on Ancient Greece first)
English ~ Essentials in Writing (Grade 8); Progeny Press Study Guides;
                asst. literature to go along with history; Vocab from Classical Roots
Bible, Math, Science, French, and Health are the same as Emma's.

Lydia (3rd grade) works up in her room at her desk.  This is the cleanest her desk area has been in these five weeks, believe it or not.  I don't know how she works in all that clutter.  It drives me nuts!  I was the type of student who always needed to have her room clean before doing homework or studying.  Lydia is so much of a mini-me--except for this characteristic.
Bible ~ Awana; Answers for Kids (by Answers in Genesis)
Math ~ MUS Gamma
Logic ~ Building Thinking Skills (for gr. 2-3)
Science ~ Answers in Genesis Human Body with The Body Book (1st semester)
                Apologia Astronomy with Jr. Notebooking Journal (2nd semester)
History ~ MFW: Rome to the Reformation 
               (Again, we're doing a unit on Ancient Greece first.)
Lang. Arts ~ First Language Lessons & Writing with Ease (Susan Wise Bauer);
                    All About Spelling; Cursive handwriting (I make up my own sheets);
                    Readers and Read-Alouds from Sonlight lists
French ~ First Start French (We haven't gotten very far in this yet.)

And Samuel (K) does his seat work in my walk-in closet!  I teach Lydia and Samuel together for history and science.  We do that either on my bed or on the floor of their bedroom (they share a room).  They do Bible, math, and language arts separately, so I created this little study nook for Sam in my closet.  He loves having his own little desk, even though the ambience leaves much to be desired. 
Bible ~ Awana; Answers for Kids (Answers in Genesis)
Math ~ MUS Primer
Logic ~ Building Thinking Skills K
Science & History are with Lydia.  (Once we're done with the unit on Greece, 
                My Father's World will cover Bible, history, and some other things.)
Lang. Arts ~ Sonlight K; Get Ready...Get Set....Go for the Code;
                    A Reason for Handwriting K; All About Spelling (He sits in on 
                    Lydia's lesson--and likes it!  I wasn't planning on him doing spelling
                    this year yet.)

So, that's what we're up to!  Whew!  No wonder I'm tired!  = )

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