Friday, October 7, 2011

Kilroy Was Here

That's the name of the musical our homeschool group is doing in May.  Auditions were yesterday, and I got to be one of the judges since I'm the musical director this year.  I'm not exactly sure what I've gotten myself into here, but I think it's going to be fun.  Time-consuming, but fun.  And yet, it's nothing compared to all that my friend, Char, has to do.  She's directing the whole thing.

Some of the auditions were outstanding!  I think my favorite one was two high school girls who reenacted a scene from Tangled.  Spot on hilarious!  They also brought us brownies.  (By the way, Bailey, I have the plate.  Is it yours or Lindsey's?)  Anyway, I'm quite excited to work with these talented young people.

I had all four of the kids with me for the auditions.  We were gone for five hours.  While we were gone, Dave made this!
 A train table!

 Dave bought an old coffee table from Goodwill...

 ...and cut and painted some plywood for this part.

 It's on our enclosed porch right now.  I hope the weather stays mild for a while!

I wish I would've taken video footage of Samuel and Lydia when they saw this.  They kept running around the house, telling Dave how "amazing" it was.  They were quite appreciative.  Dave is such a great dad.  

P.S.  Bailey, the bribe was completely unnecessary.


  1. Wow. Go, Dave! That's really awesome.

    You're gonna have so much fun being involved in this play! You'll be a great musical director!

  2. Thanks, Girl. We've got 60 kids in the play. In some ways, this will be easier than directing the homeschool choir. I had to write in parts for people. The music is all set for the musical, and each family will get a CD to practice with at home. I still might need to figure out who gets which part (soprano, alto, tenor) but I don't need to actually *write* parts. In other ways, this will be a challenge. Our choir was never this BIG!

  3. LOL! It was all Lindsey's idea...the movie, the scene, the brownies, the bribe. I'll check with her about the plate. :o)

    I'm not quite sure what our purpose for bribing you was. We'll think of something.

    Oh my goodness, I was SO excited when I heard you were helping out! FINALLY, real singing! Everyone said you put them so at ease during auditions. I love you so much. *HUGS*

  4. Well, maybe it wasn't so much a bribe as a gift--because you love us so. Eh?

    I'm SO excited too! YAY (that I put people at ease)! I was trying to be encouraging. Auditions can be so nerve-racking--especially in front of someone new. (I knew everyone from SACHE who auditioned, but only a few from WRHS.) Anyway, thanks for telling me that. It made my day. Now...who's going to make my *supper*? Oh yeah. Me. ; )