Saturday, March 7, 2015

Maps Bring People Together

The last couple of weekends, I've been doing some deep cleaning and purging. (Yes...again.  The clutter keeps coming back!)  But this time it was really old clutter.

I knew we had an ancient filing cabinet out in the garage, and I needed a better way to sort & store our homeschool papers--papers still to use, papers to grade, papers to save for record-keeping.  That almost-full filing cabinet would be perfect for the job, but I would have to go through it.  And clean it up.  It was going to take a while.  

After vacuuming up a few drowsy spiders and wiping it all down, it looked pretty good.

That part didn't take too long, but the next part did--going through all of those files!  I had copies of my taxes from high school in that thing (not too smart since those have my SSN on them and our garage is not the most secure spot).  Most of the files were notes, papers, and exams from college, though, and those were pretty fun to go through.  Dave didn't want for me to get rid of any of his things yet...and that's fine.  I recycled all of mine except for a few favorite classes and/or notes I knew I'd use for homeschooling.  Dave and I took many of the same classes.

Bible 101 ~ Old Testament Survey
(I wish I'd found these before Emma & Jeffrey did this course in our homeschool.)

S.J. Bedmizan, Mgr.
(12 Tribes of Israel w/ land assignments)

"Minor Prophets" Question on the Exam

And these are from my favorite class of all--Bible 308 "Acts".

I loved that class.  It really made me think...and study...and think...and write.  I don't believe I've ever had 100's on two papers in the same class besides this one.  And it's because I threw myself into it.

I also loved this class because of the black outline map at the bottom of the picture.'s a great map and all, and I'll likely use it with my kids when we study Paul's missionary journeys, but that's not why this map is special.  The day I make those copies for the kids, I'll tell them how this isn't the only time I've copied this map.  The first time was in my college's library--where their Dad was working--way back in 1992.  And that's the day when he and I first started to think of one another in a more-than-just-friends way.