Saturday, June 6, 2015

Homeschool Prom

Yep, you read that right.  Homeschool prom.

Last fall, when I first heard about our homeschool group planning to have a prom in the spring, I thought, "Oxymoron."  You know, when contradictory words are together in the same term or phrase:
  • jumbo shrimp
  • act natural
  • civil war
  • found missing
  • crash landing
  • original copy
  • growing smaller
  • homeschool prom 
But, it happened!  And it was such a great night.  The prom committee did an excellent job putting it all together.  The music was very tasteful, as were the girls' dresses.  They did a lot of group dances (Civil War Era, Ceili, etc.) where everyone could join in.  Emma can't wait for the next one.     

Can you believe she'll be a senior soon?!?!

Cotton Eyed Joe 
(at least, that's the song they always use for this dance)

Waltzing was a bit tricky on the scooter, but they had fun!

 My Lydia (blue) slept over at Marie's (in the pink) house this night.
When Marie's family dropped off her older brother, they just had to take a peek!  
Fourteen years old can't come soon enough for the younger siblings!

Hanging out at the music table

Freestyling with Friends

Not sure what's happening here...but it looks like a blast!

Emma & Maddi
(Maddi did SO much work for this event!)

The amazing food!

Learning a Dance

Grand March (?)

"Crack the Whip" as a dance

Virginia Reel

Broom Dance
Three start at the front of a line of girls on one side and a line of guys on the other.
The guy gives one of the girls a broom, in this case a peacock feather, 
and then sashays down the row with the other girl.  (Note broom girl's face.)
Then two guys go on either side of the girl who was left behind, and she chooses.
It's a cute dance, full of laughs and a ton of fun.

Waves of Tory
I love this one.  You alternate going under one couple's arms,
and then the next couple goes under your arms.  It looks really neat.

Group Shot
"Unsocialized Homeschoolers"

*Special thanks to my friend Lisa.  Most of these pictures are hers.  And a huge thanks to my neice, Niki, for loaning us a dress for Emma.*


  1. I so wish I was 14. Two more years to go though!!! :D It was kinda funny when Mrs. Fregien asked us to act like we were looking into the room... Yup, can't wait till all of us are 14!! ;)

    1. She gets great pictures that way! She's always thinking "photo op". I love that, though, since my camera is not that great.

  2. I'm seriously impressed. Everything about this is good, in the fullest sense of that term.

  3. Thanks! I seriously wanted to chaperone this event--not because I thought I needed to watch out for bad behavior, but because I knew that it would be such a wonderful night. I didn't want to miss out! Alas, it was work weekend at camp at the same time, so I couldn't stay. I'll likely end up being on the prom committee next year, so then I could stay for sure. =)

    There are three other GBC alumni kids who were there--Bob Martin's son (waltzing with Emma) & daughter, and Don Larson's daughter