Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dinner Conversation with Kids

Lydia: "Let's go around the table and say our favorite colors."

Jeffrey: *Starts to get up to literally go around the table saying his favorite color.*

Me: "Sit down, Jeffrey."

Lydia: *Big sigh*  "So Sam, what's your favorite color?"

Sam: "Ummm...light green!"

Lydia: "Mom, your turn."

Me: "Sage green."

Lydia: "Dad?"

Dave: "Let's see.  I'm gonna say...dumpster green."

Lydia: "Ewww!  Do you mean the color inside the dumpster?  Or the color it's painted?"


Me: "Well, I'm glad that I didn't name any of you Dumpster.  That would've been embarrassing."

(Our last name is Green, so we felt we couldn't really name any of our children names like Kelly, Forest, Jade, or any kind of flower/plant.  Dumpster really never made the list...until now.)

*Laughter continues with everyone offering a shortened version of Dumpster as a first name, such as: Dumpy, Dump, Dum, Dummy, and Dumpsty.*


Some families have enlightened conversations about world events, politics, and theology.  

Our family?  Not-so-much.  


  1. :D :D :D Well, I wouldn't mind sitting around your kitchen table!

    1. You're welcome anytime, Bailey! =)

  2. LOL Sounds like our house.