Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brace Yourself ~ I've Blogged

So, I was just over on the homeschool musical's blog, and I thought I'd stop by here and write a little something.

My last post had a couple of great pictures of Lydia getting ready for a performance.  Those are bittersweet now.  Since Lydia is in public school, she won't be in this year's homeschool musical (Willow Blues).  *BIG SIGH*  We've had two rehearsals (we only meet on Thursday afternoons), and I've really missed her both times.  I think she's doing okay, but I know she wishes she were in it.  Thankfully, her school Christmas concert is coming up, and she was given a small speaking part.  Her music teacher also gave her a "thumbs up" the last time they had music class.  They say he almost never gives those out, so apparently Lydia was singing really well that day.  She came home all elated and everything.  I fear she may feel deflated after this concert is over (on the 6th).

Emma is in the musical, and she's having a great time being with her friends again.  Brittany is in public school this year too, though, so she doesn't get to see her.  There are lots of other great young people there.  We've got a great cast, and I'm already having fun working with them.  This is definitely my niche (at least from my point of view.  I hope others feel the same and aren't thinking, "Why do they let this woman in here?")

I still haven't put up the big Christmas tree.  I decorated the bannister, and I put a small tree in our bedroom. Dave said, "Oh, gave me my own little tree!"  The goof.  I had put it there as motivation for Lydia & Samuel to clean their room.  "Once your room is clean, guys, there will be enough room to put this little tree in there!"  (It's not working.)

Oh...I was going to put a picture of their messy room on here, but my camera battery died.  Aw, shucks.


  1. I know...I'd almost forgotten how to do one! AND, I put two pictures in, because someone once told me that a blog without pictures is just a blah. ; )

    My goal is to do one post per week. (Baby steps....)

    1. Ahh, yes. The best advice I've ever given. =)

      Good! I love hearing about what you guys are up to. Just the other day I was thinking about Lydia, and wondering how she's doing in school.