Saturday, February 25, 2012

Service in Schooling

Since reading "The Moore Formula" (a balance of study, work, and service) in The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook, I've been praying and looking for service/ministry opportunities for my kids.  Almost immediately, things began popping up.  Emma's youth group was doing a bake sale fundraiser for a young family in our town whose house burned down.  They have a baby girl, and while everyone was okay--nobody was home at the time of the fire--they've lost pretty much all of their stuff.  So, we baked some cookies and muffins on a Friday and delivered them to church.  Saturday we helped at the bake sale itself.  (The kind people at True Value set up a table for us right inside the front doors.  Nobody could miss us.  Thanks, True Value!)

Emma & Friends

Karyn, Emma's devoted youth leader and nurse extraordinaire (she was my nurse when Samuel was born), was hoping we'd raise about a hundred bucks.  Because of the generosity of our loving community, almost $500 was given to the young family!  Emma was deeply moved by people who gave extra--especially when they didn't even know the family.  Yeah...we live in a pretty sweet town.

About a week later, our homeschooling group went to a nursing home to chat with the residents, help them make Valentine's Day crafts, and provide some entertainment (a song, poetry recitation, etc.).  This was the first time the children and I did something like this together, and after you watch the video, you'll agree we've got no place to go but up.  (Jeffrey did a splendid job, I must say.  The rest of it is a little...comical.)

The best part is at the end, when Samuel knocks over the huge plywood heart behind us.  Or, when Lydia steps right up to the microphone and you can only hear her voice.  Or, when Samuel says, "Don't spank my bottom!"  (I was trying to clap while I was holding him, that's all.)  I don't your favorite.

Do you ever feel like you're that family?  The one other people sort of shake their heads at with a mixture of compassion and pity?  *SIGH*

Thankfully, this video was a re-staging (because I'd forgotten to ask anyone to record the real thing).  The event was over, and most of the residents had gone back to their rooms.  I am SO hoping the first rendition went better than this one.  At any rate, I know the plywood heart was in the right place.  And so were our hearts.  We wanted to brighten up the residents' day, and I'm sure we did at least that!  I know this kid charmed a few of the ladies:

P.S.  I gave both boys haircuts the next day.


  1. I imagine watching your performance brought back fumbled yet fond memories for the residents of their osn families.
    Personally, my favorite part was when little Samuel knocked down the huge hart. He's acting his age and it's adorable when it's not your own kid.

  2. LOL..."when it's not your own kid." Exactly. = )

    By this point, we had been there for a couple of hours. I know Sam was getting tired. I didn't yell at him or anything, thankfully.

    1. LOL! My favorite part was the heart, too. Girl, we've all been there at one time or another. Remember when I was giving that tour through David's House Ministries, and Zach, who was 4 at the time, ran up and said...what he said? So we're definitely *that* family, too. Welcome to the club! We've got cookies!

    2. HAHAHAhahahahaha...I *do* remember that, Sue. I remember you regretting teaching him the *correct* names for human anatomy at that point.

      I keep telling myself the important thing is: we're trying. We're getting out there and trying to think of others more than ourselves. It's hard not to be self-conscious though, when things like that happen. Oh well. It can only get better...right?

  3. Great job to Emma and friends for the bake sale! That's awesome and inspiring. The video of the nursing home singing is so adorable. I'm lol at the plywood heart falling over and other comical antics, but it was so sweet.

  4. LOL! You guys are just too cute. And Jeffrey really is amazing on that guitar.

  5. Lisa & Bailey,

    The whole reason I wanted us to sing first that day is because I knew the Pyatskowits and you all (I mean, y'all) were singing too. There was no *way* we were going to follow either one of your families "on stage".

    I figure we simply need some more practice. So, if we do something like that around Easter, then sign us up! We'll help coordinate too, if you like.

  6. Oh, and Lisa, I didn't send you this link for the SACHE website on purpose. (Ahem.)

  7. I couldn't figure out how to put videos on the SACHE photo album anyway. Glad you made your video link public some other way!

  8. That is so precious, Jenny! Very nicely done. Love Jeffrey's guitar playing and that is so neat about the bake sale.

  9. I think if all went perfectly, it would not have warmed their hearts as much as seeing the 'charm' of your family - I love it!