Thursday, November 24, 2011

"When a hen goes walking... comes back with a full crop."  That's an old Albanian proverb I learned today while playing this hilarious game:
It's called Wise and Otherwise.  I first heard about it from someone in my homeschool group, so when I saw it on the coffee table this evening I couldn't wait to try it.  It's a bit like Balderdash (the board game made from Dictionary/Fictionary).  The Reader tells you the first part of some obscure old saying from another country, and each of the other players has to jot down his/her own made-up ending.  Once everyone's finished proverbs are handed to the Reader, the imposters are read alongside the actual ending and everyone votes for which one they think is the real deal.  You get points if people vote for yours, so you want to try to make it realistic--unless you're just in the game for the fun of it.  Then you just make up crazy endings.  For example, "When a hen goes returns from crossing the road asking, 'Why?'"  = )

A rousing game of Pit was played before Wise and Otherwise.  Emma and Lydia were first-time players, and while they both enjoyed it, this game was really right up Lydia's alley.  Yelling random numbers at the top of one's lungs suits her quite well.  We don't own this game.  Fortunately, it's an inexpensive thing to add to her ever-growing Christmas list.

Speaking of Christmas lists...who's going shopping tonight/tomorrow?  Not I.  I'm too full.  And I'll still be too full tomorrow.  (If there's anything left in the stores on Saturday, then maybe....)  The deep-fried turkeys--yes, turkeyS--were so juicy that I had to walk away while Dave was carving.  A beautiful torture, it was.  And the sweet potato casserole dessert...oh, MAN.  (I know there was more sugar in that than in the pumpkin pie I had later.)  I had three helpings.  Today, I'm pretty sure I found some of those 13 pounds I'd lost throughout 2011.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should go shopping.  "Doorbusting" sounds exerting.  Nah.  If I go walking shopping, I might come back with my crop cart full--and my wallet empty.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love that game! I played that with several friends at a women's Christmas party last year. Lots of laughs.