Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forever Friends

Oy.  We're still sick.  I think we've rounded a corner though, so I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Well, except for Lydia.  She awoke with symptoms this morning.  *sigh*

Even though I'm not 100%, I went out for dinner with three of my closest friends here in town last night.  (It would've been four, but Kim couldn't get a sitter and her hubby was out of town.)  After an entire summer of Dave being busy with camp--so I mostly had charge of our kids--last night was just what the doctor ordered for my spirit and soul.  I may not have my familial sisters living close to me, but I've got kindred spirits in my sisters-in-Christ.  It's a huge blessing to have like-minded, God-loving friends.  Although, we don't agree on everything.  We have some differing interpretations on Scripture (minor points). Also, two of us homeschool, one has done a homeschool/private school combo, and the other two have done a private/public school combo. 

We've been through so much together: babies being born, kids being adopted (a couple from Africa!), sickness, and a parent dying.  When Emma's appendix burst, my family was too far away to be able to help out, but these sister-friends came running to help in different ways.  Emily took care of my other kids because Dave got sick at the same time!  Cheri brought me a lovely Easter dinner at the hospital.  Michelle's family was going out of town, but they made a point to stop by with some Jello eggs and other goodies for Emma.  And Kim came by the hospital late one night just to keep me company.  (Emma was in the hospital for almost a week, and I stayed with her every night.  She was only eight.)

About 18 months before the appendicitis incident, all four of these friends were present when Lydia was born.  My doctor graciously allowed them all to be in the room to witness the birth.  A beautiful part of my (early) labor experience was when the five of us read Psalm 139 and spent time in prayer together. 

Friends like these are gifts from God.


  1. If you guys are STILL sick you should get to a doctor. Every day I come here and you're still sick.

  2. All right, all right. I'll try to blog tonight. Our women's retreat wrapped up on Sunday, and I'm catching up on things at home now. (The weeks before women's retreat are busier than Christmas for me.)